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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Family and education

Family and education

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LI-PAPER. Diversity and creative dissent are important foundations of entrepreneurship, which meet regularly in state systems of units short.
Which company is successful, less likely a question of genius, the total risk-taking entrepreneurs and valor on his side as a matter of instinct and the constellation of gaps and niches of all kinds
In a service economy that empathy plays in the social needs of people - and economically - a crucial role. Diversity produces diversity and complexity creates immunity. One has the time and sometimes the other more successful. The greater the number of small experiments, the more creative and more resistant, the entire system. Who interprets freedom as a normal state and not as a creative intermediate phase between two tyrannies, should not be supported in a brilliant world leader types, but the real creativity in the normality of an existing order.
The question of which individuals are in what combinations in certain situations demand economically, politically and socially just should not be hastily answered. The key innovation is neither planned nor predictable, and they will once again invented by a genius, and of a very ordinary person, or discovered.
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