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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Education in Economic Freedom Awards

Honors for Education in Economic Freedom 
The Top Ten Sites


Economic freedom can not be separated from other freedoms. It all starts with property rights. This group does a good job at laying the foundations to morally justify liberty.


Praxgirl - Human Action

Making Ludwig von Mises opus, Human Action, accesible is a tremendous task. To do it on a bitcoin shoestring budget is Herculean. Praxgirl beats out not just Free to Choose Network, but also Cato and Mercatus to make it to #9


Relatively new, but off to a good start. A mix of short policy and economic videos are good, but need more appeal to a younger audience.


Economic Freedom

New but off to a great start. More, more, more. 


Institute For Humane Studies / LearnLiberty

Good videos. It could use a more comprehensive approach to match others rated higher. It has a good core group, but needs to expand.



Accessibility is good in this mix of economics and policy perspective, wrapped in a black leather jacket.


Hoover Institution

This bastion of traditional conservatives is not just for foreign policy, The presence of Thomas Sowell alone is enough to make the top ten. Add Russ Roberts, Richard Epstein, Victor Davis  Hanson, and Peter Robinson justify the #4 position. Peter Robinson, who wrote the Brandenburg Gate speech for Reagan, is partly responsible for increasing the economic freedom of hundreds of millions of people.


Liberty Fund

The prototype for others, Liberty Fund includes he Library of Economics and LibertyThe Online Library of Liberty, and The Library of Law and Liberty . Econtalk with Russ Roberts, and Econlog with Arnold Kling, Brian Caplan, David Henderson, add depth and texture to a otherwise stayed resource format.


Foundation for Economic Education

A good collection of print, video and audio is encumbered by a clunky site. The addition of the Freeman puts them ahead of other entrants.


Ludwig von Mises Institute

There was no debate. The Mises institute is on a roll. They do the best job of providing many levels of education, as well as a tremendous depth of material in all formats. Although the interface is the best of the bunch, the site is so large, navigation is difficult. It will be interesting to watch their inovation to overcome these challenges in the future.

What is notable about this list are those who did not make it, Cato, Mercatus, Econstories, ect. Our criteria, like value, is subjective. We favored accessibility over scholarship, and comprehensiveness over  cleverness. Lets see how things stack up next year.
Your comments would be enlightening.

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