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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

John Stuart Mill and the threat to freedom

John Stuart Mill and the threat to freedom

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LI-PAPER. It is the abuse of political power, which is always been the greatest threat to freedom.
Over 150 years ago John Stuart Mill's famous essay appeared, "On Liberty" ("On Liberty"). The essay was originally published in 1859 and today remains one of the most impressive defenses of freedom ever written. Both the proponents and the opponents of individual liberty have since the premises and the stringency of Mill's argument into question. You have pointed out inconsistencies or omissions in its deliberations. But even a half centuries after its appearance, it remains a fact that few essays are worthy to be read with the same solicitude and attention, such as "On Liberty".
Mill's essay is of particular importance today, as governments around the world are determined to expand their power and control over economic and social affairs of citizens.
Where ever we look, the state claims the responsibility and the responsibility for taking care of our pensions, our health care to manage and regulate our industries. The paternalistic state wants to control what we eat, and monitor what we buy. The state is also determined from our children and what they learn. And the state subsidized (and thus influences) is an essential part of the media.
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