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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I, Pencil

I, Pencil

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LI-PAPER. The lesson that I give is this: Allow all creative abilities to flow freely.Have faith in free men and women.
Even if I, Pencil, were the only thing to collect the evidence, could testify, what men and women can achieve anything if they can try it in freedom, then it would be for people with little confidence in a fair matter. However, there is evidence in vast quantities, it affects us all and is available to all.
Leonard Read in 1958 published his first essay "I, Pencil," which developed within a very short time become a classic liberal literature. In this entertaining story about a pencil's origin and history - and conveys the way, what incredible power accomplishes the free market by combining the creativity and ability of many people and coordinated. Each of these would be "parents" of the pencil is not in a position to describe its manufacturing process to even, and yet they all work together peacefully to create an amazingly complex product - and thus prosperity for all involved. With "I, Pencil" Read's essay is now available in German.
Download LI-paper (7 pages, PDF)

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