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Monday, February 6, 2012

In a sea of ​​debt, there are no islands

In a sea of ​​debt, there are no islands

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The state collects more money for its redistribution. What about the disposable income of households?
Even if there are improvements to be made next year, a little reward: drop the disposable income of households. For like four times the state collects more money for its redistribution.
This mechanism - more than the extra income goes to the state - means that the marginal tax rate in the coming year with more than 100%. The reality behind this terrible idea is, unfortunately, not beautiful, and the 2011 runs thus: Take a presumed increase in wages and pensions by 1% and pull them from the promised extra burdens. These amount to more than 100% of wage and pension increases.
VAT will be raised by 0.4%, to the giant hole in the not to let IV be greater. Of remediation can not talk, they must at the issues, ie by a stricter control of pension take place. The average household income by the Federal Office of Statistics indicated a week ago with 108 000 Fri, which is probably spent about half of tax-burdened property. 200 Fr makes more tax.
Then increase the tax rates of unemployment by 0.2% on wages, if the proposal submitted will be accepted in three weeks, usually around even more.Similarly, 0.2% lopped off for maternity insurance. Their costs, had just taken the first politician to acquire replacement reserves of the military, and how the fund is now empty, is simply added to the wages. Together, the two 0.2% from a levy of just under 300 Fr on the wage of the average household.
The health insurance companies clamor for weeks that the next increase sortie juicy. Assuming reasonably likely 7% premium, then according to accounts of the premium costs increase by 420 francs a year.
We are together - the straining budgets around 920 a year more Fri. On the other hand, is likely to increase wages and AHV-IV pensions by about 1%, which will bring under one household bills more income of 820 francs. The calculation is done quickly: 920 Fri longer spending 112% more revenue from 820 Fri. The stop at the border in 2011 increased spending by the dannzumal incomes rise so much longer - the marginal tax rate is 112%. All without the possibly additional direct taxes.
This realistic statement shows the progress of the letter has once promised by the careless social policy - it is all the income gains seized the moment and in the long run it is the overall tax rate increased inexorably.
If the welfare state remain credible and acceptable, and must therefore always be considered that the expenditure items. A restructuring of the revenue side is painful to position Switzerland more expensive compared to the rest of the world, in addition to rising francs. And the updating of the benefits is unjust because it does not change in everyday life and family life into account. The most striking example is still securing the "existence" by the seniors, which was set by the former accounts of the Federal 1947 to 74% of household budgets.
But the same item today make up only about 40% of this budget. It has also the insidious "cultural needs" into the basic needs and "the continuation of the previous standard of living," to be included together with the second column, begun, including cars, traffic, vacation, much larger homes. Or the highest, yet the unemployment-settled daily allowances are 8400 francs a month - a world record. There are income, which are often far higher than those of government in the southern states of the world.
In these hedging income replacement but may become an immensely wealthy society draw the line at the emergency rations necessary for coverage and not all the gains for ever beyond. Then the growing income would not nothing like 2011, but more and more - a marginal tax rate of zero or even negative. Just look once at the hospitals that were more expensive because it within ten years a tremendous personal growth, rather an explosion in directors have kicked off - instead of Indians chiefs. And as shown here expects to make the rising health insurance premiums than half of the increased tax rate from next year.
Saving seems to be possible, as shown by a surreal disputes in the canton of Bern. The large private hospital Sonnenhof has the audacity to take out much lower rates with the insurance companies, which all other hospitals race against loud protests, instead of saying that they can too. Here, the collar of the Canton of Bern has several times urged to finally turn off the expensive over-capacity and all the luxury.
Left parties oppose even the mention of just such problems, but they are often also against premium increases. Your solution is much simpler - the state should pay out of general budget funds. But that disappears the insurance nature of the agreement on reciprocity, more and more. At the end is never saved, all taxable lot, and all get much, and the state is in debt. One can only say - go to Greece! But in a sea of ​​debt then there are no islands.
This article was published in the "NZZ am Sonntag". The Liberal Institute thanks the author for permission for further publication.

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